In order to guarantee a smooth installation and operation of our off-the-shelf products, marketed under the HR-Professional brand, and a smooth implementation of our fully-custom solutions, marketed under the HR-Suite brand, HR-Technologies provides the necessary services, including: Project Management services, IT professional services, HR professional services, Training Services, Software as a Service (SaaS), managed hosting services and helpdesk and support services.

Project Management Services

Good project management is essential for a successful implementation of any e-HR solution. We have the ability to deliver experienced project managers that combine a good understanding of HR processes with a solid knowledge of IT and Internet.

IT professional services

We provide a variety of IT services related to our e-HR solutions. This covers the whole range from high-level e-consulting, analysis of business requirements to (custom-) development, implementation, configuration, customization and testing of e-HR solutions and integration in the existing customer environment.

HR Services

We provide a variety of HR services related to our e-HR solutions. These services include the review of HR processes and workflow, the selection of test and assessment providers and the selection of international third party job boards.

Training Services

We provide a variety of training services related to our e-HR solutions. These training services include generic training sessions on e-solutions or sessions tuned to the specific implementation of the e-HR solution provided to you.

These training sessions can be organized for groups of up to 10 people at your site or at our training facilities in Gent for groups of up to 6 people.

Managed Hosting Services

We offer you the options to host the e-HR solutions on your site or to have the e-HR solution hosted by one of our hosting partners. Independent of the hosting location, we are prepared to take responsibility for the operation, performance and availability of the e-HR solution.

Support Services

We provide a variety of support services related to our e-HR solutions, including: user administration, help desk assistance, support with acceptance testing of new functionality, running of periodic reports and / or exports of data, managing the administration to request and to maintain a dedicated domain name on your behalf, interfacing with the internal IT department and / or webmaster, etc.