HR-Technologies develops, integrates, operates and supports off-the-shelf and fully-custom e-HR solutions to support your softer HR business processes.


Define your own suite of IT tools to support your HR business processes.

Our HR-Suite solutions provide a platform to support a broad range of HR business processes, including recruitment, retention, training management, competence management, evaluation management, performance management, development management, internal mobility, resourcing, ...  all of which can operate independently or interact together.

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Support your HR business processes with your personal version of our Software as a Service.

Our HR-Professional products are off-the-shelf products and contain all functionality required by a professional HR department. They incorporate the best practices identified during our many fully-custom HR-Suite products implementations. Our HR-Professional products can blend into your corporate look & feel and act as an extension to your corporate website or intranet.

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About HR-Technologies

Wednesday, 20 August 2014.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 was a historic day for both HR-Technologies and Cognosis.

The merger of both organisations was completed on that day. We are at the beginning of a new, fascinating story. It is the beginning of a new, ambitious organisation that will continue to take shape over the coming weeks and months.

HR-Technologies and Cognosis are going to realise further growth in the market by uniting forces. Making and supporting high-quality HR software solutions at an affordable price will remain central and this will be backed up by personal service.

Through this merger HR-Technologies and Cognosis are laying the foundations for the development of a strong organisation with a competitive supply of complementary products for the most important “soft” HR processes, both regarding Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. Via this merger, you have access to:

  • an independent company with 20 specialised and professional employees
  • a knowledge centre for Talent Acquisition based in Ghent
  • a knowledge centre for Talent Management based in Hasselt
  • a one-stop supplier with software solutions for the most important “soft” HR processes
  • the shared experience of more than 100 clients in Belgium
  • a dynamic, professional and enthusiastic management team oriented towards values, growth, innovation and service

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HR-Technologies was founded in 2002 with the mission to help companies manage their HR resources as truly valuable core assets. We believe that there is plenty of room to improve existing IT solutions and to maximize the benefits of new technologies in managing HR resources.

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